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QC Sets and Panels: KWIK-STIK™ 2 Pack
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ANC Comprehensive QC Set

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ANC Comprehensive QC Set contains two KWIK-STIKs of each strain listed below (14 KWIK-STIKs total).

0585PBacteroides ovatus derived from ATCC® BAA-1296™* 
0445PBacteroides vulgatus derived from ATCC® 8482™*
0318PClostridium perfringens derived from ATCC® 13124™*
0586PClostridium septicum derived from ATCC® 12464™*
0331P Paeniclostridium sordellii derived from ATCC® 9714™*
0583PCorynebacterium striatum derived from ATCC® BAA-1293™*
0584PParabacteroides distasonis derived from ATCC® BAA-1295™*
*The ATCC Licensed Derivative Emblem, the ATCC Licensed Derivative word mark and the ATCC catalog marks are trademarks of ATCC. Microbiologics, Inc. is licensed to use these trademarks and to sell products derived from ATCC® cultures. Look for the ATCC Licensed Derivative © Emblem for products derived from ATCC© cultures.