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Food Safety

Food safety is a growing concern across the globe, which also means increased oversight and regulatory changes for the lab.
We offer solutions designed specifically to help alleviate these challenges while supporting compliance with local and global regulations.

Featured Product


UV-BioTAG™ microorganisms contain a Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) marker integrated into the chromosome that produces fluorescence of the culture visible under UV light. This allows for easy differentiation of these controls strains from contaminants. Available in swab and vial formats, UV-BioTAG is an easy-to-use solution for quality control in food labs.

  • Qualitative product features instant-dissolve pellet to reduce preparation time
  • GFP reporter is integrated into the chromosome to provide superior stability
  • Assists labs with investigations of positive test results with quick and reliable differentiation of control strains
  • Thoroughly tested to ensures authenticity, stability and compatibility with detection technologies

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