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Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal Testing Services Kalamazoo, MI

Our Kalamazoo Antibiotic and Microbiome Research Center is located within the WMed Innovation Center, and encompasses more than 8,000 square feet of state-of-art laboratory and office space. As a biosafety level 2 facility, this center has wet labs, conference rooms, and large presentation rooms, perfect for research and development.

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A Proven Track Record

We offer microbiology laboratory services at our
Kalamazoo center that are integral to the
discovery, development, and registration of new antimicrobial agents.

Our scientists have a broad range of technical
expertise in antimicrobial research and
development from discovery all the way through
the regulatory submission and review process.

The microbiological assays and expertise offered by Kalamazoo have a proven track record in that they have been utilized successfully by its employees and clients to gain FDA approval of multiple classes of antibiotics.

Companies that are engaged in anti-infective research, but lack the resources in-house that are required to drive the entire antibiotic discovery/development process, can benefit from the microbiological assay services offered by Microbiologics. We provide standard and/or custom assays to suit a customers needs.

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Microbiologics Antibiotic and Microbiome Research Center
Wmed Innovation Center
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