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How to Use Microbiologics Inactivated Helix Elite™ Swabs

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Microbiologics QC Sets and Panels featuring the inactivated swab format to perform quality control on diagnostic instruments and assays.

How to Use Microbiologics EZ-Accu Shot™

Step by step instructions on how to use EZ-Accu Shot™ for growth promotion testing.

How to Use Microbiologics EZ-PEC™

Step by step instructions on how to use Microbiologics EZ-PEC quantitative microorganisms for Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Preservative Efficacy testing.

Manual Methods vs. Microbiologics Quantitative Controls

What is the easiest way to create quantitative microorganism suspensions? Prepare them manually or use Microbiologics quantitative microorganisms?

How to Perform Serial Dilutions in Microbiology

Dr. Karla Fjeld demonstrates how to perform serial dilutions using Microbiologics lyophilized QC microorganism pellets. Learn more at microbiologics.com