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Isolation, Evaluation, Characterization and Enumeration

Researchers are just beginning to understand the complex world of the gut
microbiome and how it affects human health. We are proud to support this
field of research and the opportunity it presents to improving healthcare. With
more than 50 years of experience in propagating, manipulating, preserving
and manufacturing biological materials, we are able to offer a comprehensive
menu of microbiome services. You can rely on our deep expertise, advanced
technology and flexible resources to help you meet your research goals.

Microbiome Services

  • Isolation and testing of organisms that are constituents of the microflora (e.g. intestinal/fecal, skin).

  • Evaluation of prebiotic impact on organisms in co-culture.

  • Characterization of probiotic or live bacterial product (LBP) strains.

  • Evaluating the effect of probiotics / anti-infectives on the levels of important members of the intestinal microflora.

  • Enumeration of viable bacteria from probiotic or LBP formulations.

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