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Antiviral Testing

Testing Vaccines and Therapeutics Against Viruses

With deep expertise and experience in the field of virology, we offer a comprehensive menu of testing services to support antiviral drug and vaccine development for Biopharma companies worldwide. As a leading CRO, we have developed a proven process for in-vitro testing of these compounds to determine their potential efficacy and inform optimal dosing regimen.

Selected Assays Performed:

  • Inhibition of infection
  • Titer reduction assay
  • Plaque assay
  • Plaque inhibition assay
  • Inhibition of specific viral enzymes such as influenza neuraminidase
  • Neutralization of infectivity by antibody or antibody like molecules
  • TCID50 assay
  • IC50 Assay
  • Fluorometric Neuraminidase Assay
  • Hemagglutination Assay
  • Hemagglutination Inhibition Assay
  • Microneutralization Assay
  • EID50 Assay
  • SRID Assay
  • Textiles and Plastics Assay (AATP)

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