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Cannabis Microbial Testing

Microbiologics offers cannabis microbial testing quality control strains to help you ensure accurate results and keep consumers safe. We have all the required microorganism strains your laboratory needs for cannabis QC testing in ready-to-use formats.

Featured Product

Epower CRM

ISO 17025 accredited laboratories rely on Epower Certified Reference Materials (CRM) to meet reference material standards for measurement traceability. The ultimate in authenticity, Epower CRM quantitative quality control microorganisms are just one passage from the reference strain. Epower CRM microorganism pellets provide a pre-determined range of CFUs, so you can easily manipulate the product to deliver your desired concentration.

  • Quantitative QC microorganisms classified as Certified Reference Material
  • Strains are one passage from reference culture for ultimate traceability
  • For Testing Laboratories, Section of ISO 17025:2005 states: “Reference materials shall, where possible, be traceable to SI units of measurements, or to Certified Reference Materials."
  • Available in concentrations ranging from 102 and 108 CFU per pellet
  • Can be combined for a mixed microorganism population
  • Easily manipulated to deliver a wide variety of concentrations
  • Ready-to-use format to save you time and money
  • Refrigerated storage that’s easy and economical
  • Online Certificate of Analysis with detailed strain information
  • Technical Support experts available for guidance

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