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Diagnostic Partnerships

Controls Designed for Your Unique Instrument and Assay

We partner with diagnostic manufacturers to create the highest quality controls for infectious diseases. Each biological control is specifically designed for your instruments and assays; solving your unique challenges and meeting your customer’s needs. We combine our extensive expertise, molecular biology technologies and world-class support services to produce the highest quality biological controls tailored to your specifications.

We develop easy-to-use products that accelerate commercialization and increase the adoption of your diagnostic assay in the market. We analyze your approach in the market and design a qualification program and ongoing control strategy tailored to your platform and assays. When you're ready to submit your 510(k), you’ll have a realized product that has been tested and developed, and have a guided path for launch.

How it Works


We start each project by gaining a deep understanding of your business, your technology, and your customers’ needs. Our R&D teams partner together to design customized, ready-to-use formats with a range of targets such as inactivated cultures, synthetic, or nucleic acid extracts.


We put our expertise to work, developing prototypes, making revisions, and the final product(s) to meet the unique needs of your customers. We offer an extensive menu of options in terms of targets, formats, and preservation techniques, allowing us to formulate the optimal solution for you.


Supporting your strategy and business model for consumables, you and your customers receive the industry’s best solutions for validation and quality control; promoted, sold and supported across the globe by the world’s leading experts. We customize everything from product branding, labeling, instructions for use, and packaging.

Why Microbiologics?

Microbiologics is your experienced quality controls partner. We take a consultative approach to proactively guide customers down the right path. By leveraging our extensive expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, and a powerful global distribution network, you can reduce your time to market and increase customer adoption.

  • Access our extensive collection of biomaterials or provide your own isolate.
  • Biomaterials are authenticated using polyphasic methods including AST, nucleotide sequencing, PCR, and MALDI-TOF MS.
  • Our diverse control formats provide optimal efficiency in workflow and customer experience.
  • An industry-leading quality system reflects our ability to consistently design, develop, and deliver biological controls of the highest quality.
  • Easy-to-use solutions that do not require refrigeration.

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