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QC Sets and Panels: KWIK-STIK™ 2 Pack
Catalog No. 5226P

Gram-Negative Blood Culture Control Panel (Live Culture)

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Gram-Negative Blood Culture Control Panel (Live Culture) contains two KWIK-STIKs of each strain listed below (24 KWIK-STIKs total).

0599PAcinetobacter baumannii derived from NCIMB 12457
0574PCitrobacter freundii derived from NCTC 9750
01105PEnterobacter cloacae derived from NCTC 13464
01136PEscherichia coli derived from NCTC 13476
01117P Klebsiella pneumoniae derived from NCTC 13438
01112PKlebsiella pneumoniae derived from NCTC 13440
01148PKlebsiella pneumoniae derived from NCTC 13442
01145PKlebsiella pneumoniae derived from NCTC 13443
01147PKlebsiella oxytoca derived from NCTC 11686
0393PProteus vulgaris derived from NCTC 4636
0830PPseudomonas aeruginosa derived from NCTC 10662
01146PSerratia marcescens derived from NCTC 9743
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