QC Sets and Panels: KWIK-STIK™ 2 Pack
Catalog No. 5218P

Big 6 STEC QC Set

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Big 6 STEC QC Set contains two KWIK-STIKs of each strain listed below (12 KWIK-STIKs total).

01098P Escherichia coli (O45:H2) derived from CDC 00-3039
01099P Escherichia coli (O121:H19) derived from CDC 02-3211
01100P Escherichia coli (O26:H11) derived from CDC 03-3014
01101P Escherichia coli (O103:H11) derived from CDC 06-3008
01102P Escherichia coli (O111:H8) derived from CDC 2010C-3114
01097P Escherichia coli (O145:NM) derived from CDC 99-3311
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