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Testing Services

World’s Leading Experts in Testing Services

Microbiologics provides biologic medical products for testing in multiple formats. We offer antibacterial and antifungal testing, antiviral testing, clinical testing, assay development, and microbiome. All of our solutions are customized by our experienced scientists to meet your specific needs.

Microbiologics has four global microbiology centers. These centers of excellence adhere to high quality standards, certifications and registrations. You can be confident knowing you are receiving quality testing.

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Antibacterial & Antifungal Testing

Microbiologics provides screening / susceptibility testing, lead characterization studies, test method development and characterization/ID.

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Antiviral Testing

Microbiologics offers antiviral services to Biopharma companies world-wide. We are a C.R.O. specialized in providing testing services across Biopharma.

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Assay Development

Microbiologics offers assay development in a variety of formats.

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Contract Research and Manufacturing Organization (CRMO) Services

Microbiologics offers a full array of preclinical and clinical trial testing services.

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Microbiologics offers Isolation and testing of organisms that are constituents of the microflora.

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