• New Rifampicin-Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis Control Panels

    Our new controls for MTB and rifampicin-resistant mutations are designed for simplicity and efficiency.

  • Listeria innocua now available in UV-BioTAG

    By popular request, we've added L. innocua to our line of GFP marked control strains.

  • Microbial Controls Made from Your Environmental Isolates

    Let our experts identify, characterize, preserve and manufacture your strain into a test-ready control format for ongoing QC.

  • New Group A Strep and Respiratory Molecular Control Panels Available

    We have expanded our molecular diagnostics QC offering with new control panels for respiratory assays and test methods.

  • We’re Expanding Our Molecular Diagnostics QC Offering

    New control panels available for Women’s Health and STIs, Blood Culture and Gastrointestinal molecular assays and test methods.

  • Cannabis Microbial Testing Controls

    Keep pathogens and molds out your products with our test-ready quality controls strains for cannabis testing.