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When it comes to the results in your laboratory, quality matters most. That’s why laboratories across the globe rely on Microbiologics to support their quality control programs. Since 1976, Microbiologics has been producing the most innovative, cost-effective and reliable QC microorganism preparations for microbiological quality control testing on the market. The company takes great pride in serving the finest laboratories throughout the world; specializing in clinical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, water, environmental, and educational markets.


Microbiologics has received numerous certifications and accreditations to formally recognize the quality of their customer service, manufacturing processes and products. The company is an FDA registered establishment, conforms to CE Mark regulations, has achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 Certification, and is accredited to ISO 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34:2009.

Product Lines available include:

LYFO DISK® lyophilized QC microorganisms are easy-to-use and economical. Available in more than 750 microorganism strains.
LYFO DISK 70x90.jpg
The KWIK-STIK™ is the most widely recognized QC microorganism product from Microbiologics. Available in more than 800 microorganism strains.
KWIK STIK 70x90.jpg
QC Sets and Panels
QC Microorganism Sets are available for many popular instruments!
KWIK-STIK™ Plus QC microorganisms are just two passages from a reference culture allowing for more subculturing.
KWIK STIK PLUS 90x70.jpg
Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards
Helix Elite™ Molecular Standards, are safe, simple and stable positive controls for molecular assays.
Helix Elite 90 X 70.jpg
Microbiology QC Slides
Microbiology QC Slides include 1 or 2 droplets air-dried and methanol-fixed microorganism, or a single smear of a designated population.
QC SLIDES 90 x 70.jpg
Parasite Suspensions
For QC of diagnostic kits and methods, microscopic examinations, acid-fast staining procedures, proficiency programs and educational purposes.
Parasite Suspensions 70x90.jpg
Lab-Elite™ Certified Reference Material
Qualitative QC microorganisms as Certified Reference Materials for use in ISO 17025 Accredited Labs!
Lab-Elite T.jpg
Epower™ Certified Reference Material
Quantitative QC microorganisms as Certified Reference Materials for use in ISO 17025 Accredited Labs!
EPOWER CRM 70x90.jpg
EZ-Accu Shot™
EZ-Accu Shot™ quantitative QC microorganism preparations make Growth Promotion Testing easier and more affordable.
EZ ACCU SHOT 70x90.jpg
EZ-Accu Shot™ Select
EZ-Accu Shot™ Select includes five compendial QC microorganism strains for Growth Promotion Testing in one convenient package.
EZ-CFU™ One Step
EZ-CFU™ One Step ready-to-use quantitative QC microorganisms are designed for performing Growth Promotion Testing with ease.
EZ CFU ONE STEP 70x90.jpg
EZ-CFU™ quantitative QC microorganism preparations are ideal for labs performing a high volume of Growth Promotion Tests.
EZ CFU 70x90.jpg
EZ-PEC™ is a quantitative lyophilized QC microorganism preparation designed for performing Antimicrobial Effectiveness and Preservative Efficacy Tests.
EZ PEC 70x90.jpg
Epower™ quantitative lyophilized QC microorganism preparations are used to perform a wide variety of tests.
EPOWER 70x90.jpg
EZ-FPC™ is a lyophilized QC microorganism preparation used as a daily process control in the Food Quality industry.
EZ FPC 70x90.jpg
EZ-SPORE™ quantitative QC microorganism preparations are used as daily process controls for spoilage detection methods.
EZ SPORE 70x90.jpg
Original Strains
Original Strains are used for Research, Development and Educational applications.
EZ-Hydro Shot™
EZ-Hydro Shot™ quantitative QC microorganism preparations are designed specifically for water testing.
EZ Hydro Shot 90 X 70.jpg
UV-BioTAG™ microorganisms contain a Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) marker that produces fluorescence of the culture visible under UV light.
UV-BioTAG Vial_90x70.png